Help! I have to move!

Starts at $385 for 8 hours

Rarely in NYC do we have the same studio space forever. Moving is a daunting task and can eat up a ton of your time. Let me help by packing and organizing your materials systematically for easy unpacking. I can also assist in physically moving items to a new studio or getting your new space set up.


Starts at $135 for 4 hours

If you need a serious overhaul of your space or help with clearing out the old and making space for the new, then I can help. Nothing makes me happier than clearing out clutter! We’ll start by discussing your work habits and how you want your studio to work for you and we’ll make it happen. We’ll also create systems and solutions to help you keep the clutter to a minimum in the future.

Know you need help but not sure where to start?

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